Inspired for Action

How to Create a Profitable Email Welcome Sequence with Monica Snyder

June 01, 2020 Amanda Genther Episode 34
Inspired for Action
How to Create a Profitable Email Welcome Sequence with Monica Snyder
Show Notes

What happens after someone signs up for one of your freebies? If the answer is you deliver the freebie, and then nothing... settle in for today’s episode, because you’re going to learn how to pick up all that money you’re leaving on the table by implementing a profitable email welcome sequence into your business.

In today’s episode, I’m talking to Monica Snyder – founder of and a business & marketing strategist that helps entrepreneurs, experts, and authors systemize customer experiences that build relationships and generate revenue.

Monica and I are diving into WHY you need a welcome sequence set up and working for your business 24/7, but also HOW to actually go about creating one. She also shares a simple trick to help improve your email deliverability and stay out of your subscriber's spam. It’s so good!

This episode is brought to you by Relationship & Revenue.

Relationship & Revenue is a 3-part training and template system that helps you build out a profitable email sequence to welcome your new subscribers, build their trust and get them ready to buy your paid offers. I’ve personally used this exact template system to rewrite all of my welcome sequences and I can’t recommend this product enough. It’s hands down one of the best email marketing courses I’ve seen on the market... and it’s only $37. Scoop this up now before Monica realizes she’s crazy and raises the price. Click here to check out Relationship & Revenue.

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